Nearly Unbeatable Game

4.3 ( 3 ratings )
ゲーム エンターテインメント アクション アーケード
開発者 Kevin Doerksen
0.99 USD

The object of this game seems very easy -- drag the green dot around the screen and get it to the yellow dot while avoiding red dots. Sound easy? Think again. The red dots will do everything to stop you. They will shoot up in lines, dash back and forth across the screen, and appear and disappear. Once you get to a checkpoint, you won’t have to restart. Oh yeah, there’s only one checkpoint in the entire game. That’s right, if you’re on level 14 and screw up, you start all over again. In screenshots, some levels look unbeatable because there are dots in the paths. Don’t worry, these are moving dots, so every level is certainly possible. With over 30 stages, this game is sure to push you to your limit. Think you can beat it? I’d like to see you try.